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FoxNet and eduroam wireless network

Starting on August 5, Information Technology has updated how devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) connect to the wireless network.  Please visit the Connect to the Network page for instructions on what can be done to your devices prior to coming to campus or for once you arrive to campus: > Departments & Facilities > ResNet > Connect to the Network

You will need to connect your devices to the “FoxNet-Setup” and go through the self-service portal to re-authenticate in order to gain access to FoxNet and eduroam.  The setup process will only need to be completed once, and will not need to re-authenticate each time your password changes.  Please use the above web page for guidance on connecting to the wireless network.


Marist VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Starting on August 5, the way you authenticate to the Marist VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be changing.  Currently, there are seven (7) groups in the drop-down list when connecting to the Marist VPN.  Starting on August 5, there will only be two (2) groups in the list: “1. General_Usage” and “9. Testing.”  Most users will connect to the “1. General_Usage” drop-down selection as a default.  After hitting “connect” on the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, the Marist authentication page will appear.  Enter your Marist credentials and hit “Submit.”  Following that, the VPN procedure will be the same.  Click “Accept” after reading the banner and continue using the Marist VPN and resources as you normally would.

If you are experiencing issues with backups of your personal laptop or desktop using TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) now called IBM Spectrum Protect, please contact the Marist Help Desk for assistance.

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